Good Ideas For An Argumentative Essay On Texting And Driving

When you are driving, you should focus entirely on the road. Your attention should not waver and you should keep your senses alert for any signs of trouble. However, one new trend has emerged in recent times – texting while driving. It is understandable that we live in a time when time is valuable and we cannot afford to miss out on any occurrences in life. This is why some people prefer to interact through text with others while they are driving.

They cannot afford to wait until later and the responses need to be sent immediately. However, nothing is worth dying and that is exactly what happens if you get involved in an accident as a result of your habits. It is a good time for students to focus on this sensitive issue and raise awareness so that others may not suffer the same plight and refrain from texting while they are driving. Writing an argumentative essay is a good idea for the students to showcase varying viewpoints that speak about the dangers as well as the advantages. Be sure to take a look at some of the major ideas presented below.

List of essay topics on texting and driving

  • How can you learn a valuable life lesson if you get involved in an accident while texting and driving? Does this lesson come too late?
  • Why should you wait until you are done driving in order to text?
  • Do not let this text be your last: never text and drive
  • Texting while driving in a safe manner: how voice technology has made major strides in recent times?
  • Learning good values: why you should not text and drive at the same time?
  • Lives matter: why it is a bad idea to text and drive while you have your family aboard your car?
  • Illustrate how past accidents have occurred as a result of texting and driving.
  • Show how texting and driving is a modern phenomenon. Are we actually making progress in society?
  • Try to come up with possible answers as to why we are tempted to text and drive despite knowing fully well the possible consequences of our actions?
  • Make a list of the factors that can go wrong on the road when you are texting and driving.
  • Should cell phone carriers be held responsible if you sustain injuries while texting and driving?
  • Why have the cases of texting and driving becomes more rampant in recent times?