The Top 20 Most Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

A persuasive essay contains the writer's stance on an assigned topic and a prove of the same. The prove serves as a conviction for the reader to agree on the writer's position. It is assumed that arguments can take two sides: for or against the issue at hand. If no topic has been assigned, a controversial topic can form a good topic for discussion. A good topic should also be interesting to discuss. It does not matter, however, the side of the argument the writer is in as long as they can support it by credible points. Here are top 20 topics for a good paper.

  1. Should same sex marriages be legalized? Probably this is the most current in the public debate, with some countries publicly denouncing and others supporting legalization.

  2. Should we clone humans? This is a controversial topic that would make a good persuasive essay topic especially for those pursuing science or medical courses, although students in social and religious studies can also choose it as a topic.

  3. Should medical practitioners be allowed to end life of terminal ill patients? Even after a long time of controversy, the topic still important for a persuasive essay, especially for those pursuing medical related courses.

  4. Is secret monitoring of private mobile and internet conversations justifiable/right?

  5. . Is death penalty justified for those who kill?

  6. Should abortion be made legal? : This topic has generated a lot of controversy, not just in the academia but also in the public. It forms a good persuasive essay topic because there are adequate points - medical or otherwise - to support or oppose.

  7. Is science right on genetically modified organisms?

  8. Is a universal health care system acceptable? No doubt that topics involving healthcare can generate a lot of controversy, and thus make good persuasive essay topics.

  9. Has war on terrorism improved or worsened security situation?

  10. Should United States withdraw military operations from foreign countries?

  11. Are UFOs real?

  12. Should police be allowed to use shoot and kill orders?

  13. Is animal testing of vaccinations moral? Topics relating to care of animals also form interesting topics for those pursuing related courses. Many people like pets and thus would naturally be drawn to such debates.

  14. Should children be left to watch Television at their choice? Should TV be censored.

  15. Should African developing countries be allowed to generate power from coal? This persuasive essay topic revives the global debate on pollution of environment, but on the other side raises question on whether cheaper alternatives to generating flower should be considered.

  16. Should we cultivate marginal lands?

  17. Should teenage girls be required to take birth control and contraceptives?

  18. Should punishment be abolished in schools?

  19. Should we kill animals for their fur for fashion?

  20. Should homework be abolished in schools?