How To Write An Essay For Middle School About Luck And Success

It is quite natural that all people in the world are not equal in their success level. Since the success level of every person, depends on the individual conditions and the surrounding environments of that person. Writing an essay about luck and essay needs full understanding of both concepts. Also, you should illustrate the connection between both “luck and success “ in a realistic way along with examples from real life.

Here are some tips which can help you in your task.

  • The structure of your essay should consist of 3 main parts. The 1st part is your introduction, the 2nd part body of the essay and the last part is your conclusion.
  • The introduction should consist of an opening sentence about the theme you are going to write about. More ever, Definitions of both the luck and the success are necessary, because it can help the reader to understand and follow your essay properly. Also it would be better if you mention that people have different opinions and overviews, regarding the relationship between success and luck.
  • The body of the essay; it consists of 2 or 3 paragraphs. In this part, you will explain the different impressions and overviews of people, about the relationship between luck and success. In addition, it is of great importance to explain, the reasons which influence some people to think that luck can cause success and why others do not believe in this. Therefore, it is necessary to have examples from real life, about persons whom luck helped as well as, your personal experience about the dual relationship between luck and success. As aforementioned, various circumstances can easily make difference in every human life, hence, your rule is to show the reader this possibility. In other words, your essay must clarify and focus on the opinion and counter opinion considering luck and success. So that, the reader can simply understands the purpose of your essay.
  • The last part of your paragraph is the conclusion; In the conclusion you will summarize your essay, but above all you must show your personal opinion. Do you believe that success is a logic result of luck, or That success depends on the personal abilities and hard work ?

Finally, do not forget to read first about luck and success concepts, because your personal ideas, together with a proper knowledge, can make great essay.