How To Evaluate The Competence Of An Essay Writer: 7 Good Tips

When you decide that you want to hire someone to write your essay, you have to take many things into consideration. Of course, even finding an agency that can help you is difficult. This is because in this business, everything is confidential and discreet. You couldn’t make any of your friends recommend a writer, because they don’t want to reveal their sources. This means that you need to find your own professional, evaluate him and maybe hire him. How to know if he is good enough? Read the next tips and you will find out.

  1. His profile. Assuming you found him on a freelancing platform, you already saw his profile. But you didn’t think it matters so much, didn’t you? Well, you will be surprised. If the writer has a fun, but professional description, there is a big chance that he will do a good job. If he mentioned every place he worked it, it means he pays attention to details.

  2. His picture. You saw already that every writer has a profile picture to show to potential clients. Some of them show their pets, some of them post vacation pictures and so on. What you are searching for is that relaxed, professional picture.

  3. His feedback. Let’s be realistic: when you work for hundreds of clients, you can’t make each and every one of them completely satisfied. That is why a few negative feedbacks are normal. However, if more than ten percent of his feedbacks are negative, you should search for someone else.

  4. His portfolio. This is the best way to know his writing style even before talking to him. He needs to present some of his articles, so the clients can decide if he is suitable for the job. Pay attention to grammar and punctuation, as well as the quality of the content.

  5. His fare. You don’t want to pay a small fortune for your essay, of course. On the other hand, a small price means low quality. If the writer is asking for only a few dollars for dozens of pages, something is not right. You need a professional who knows the value of his work.

  6. His language. Once you analyzed all the other elements, it’s time to discuss directly with him. Is he polite or too friendly? Is he using slag expressions? The language of someone is an indicator of their professionalism.

  7. He is asking questions. If the writer is asking questions about the essay, and trying to understand every small detail, it means that he is already dedicated to the project. This is what you are searching for!