How To Compose An Argumentative Essay On Global Issues

Global issues are exactly what it sounds like, things that have the ability to affect people all over the world despite its origins elsewhere. These are the perfect topic types for the construction of argumentative essays because the perspectives and situations available for study are vast and interesting. People from different countries and cultures often view similar issues in vastly different ways, for example, the concept of arranged marriages. Here are some guidelines one can follow when writing an argumentative essay on global issues:

  1. Be extensive in collecting data.
  2. There is sure to be a lot of data on global issues as governments and large corporations often spend large amounts of resources doing investigative research in issues that can affect them. Use all available sources for information collection.

  3. Focus on both sides of the story equally, or maybe even more on the perspective you do not share.
  4. Issues often exist because different people have different views and needs. Each side can be equally justified in their desires and it can be tricky identifying the wrong party in most cases.

  5. Favor compromises instead of outright solutions.
  6. Because most situations affect each party differently, it is highly improbable that you could come up with a perfect, practical solution to the issue. Trying to find a middle ground is often a more realistic approach that is more likely to be implementable.

  7. Analyze your proposed solution
  8. Show the benefits of any possible solution, as well as the problems that could arise after and during implementation efforts.Speculate on the possible problems any solution may encounter during implementation, or even before that, in convincing the public of its validity.

  9. Try to choose an issue that directly relates to you and your life.
  10. Choosing a topic that is closely related to your life or experiences can help you to better place it in perspective, thus allowing you to construct a more comprehensive study of the issue. Because you also share a personal opinion on the matter, you will better be able to appreciate the effects of the issue through first hand experience.

  11. Make your conclusion one that is supported by extensive evidence.
  12. After doing excellent research and analysis, one thing can ruin your entire paper is a poorly constructed conclusion. Peer review is very useful at this point, involving the opinion of other, qualified individual can help you ensure that your conclusion is properly supported by the data you have presented.