List Of Unique Essay Topics About Current Affairs In Nursing

Although most nursing courses focus on practical applications, some classes will require students to write essays about the topic. To get a top score in the class, students must be able to write a well-researched essay. The first goal of any writing assignment is to find a good topic. With the right topic about current affairs in nursing, students can write an interesting, engaging essay that gets them a top score in the class. For some nursing topics, read through the following list.

Essay Topics on Current Affairs in Nursing

  1. How can nurses work to develop interdependent nurse-patient relationships?
  2. How can post-operative interventions improve a patient's overall recovery?
  3. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe medication or antibiotics without a doctor? In what situations would this be permissible?
  4. What type of patient care techniques are the most effective? How do they compare to each other?
  5. What are the job prospects in the field of nursing over the next decade?
  6. Nursing can be a stressful career choice. What ways can nurses cope with the stress?
  7. What techniques can support parents in neo-natal units?
  8. When it comes to life and death situations, should cost be a concern for the patient's quality of care?
  9. What role can family members play in a patient's palliative care?
  10. Will computer programs or robots ever take over some of the tasks of nursing?
  11. How can digital medical records help or cause medication errors?
  12. What techniques can general practitioners use to support nurses?
  13. What techniques can be used by pharmaceutical companies to balance out the needs of the patients with the need to create a profit?
  14. What are some of the challenges faced in women's health?
  15. Should nurses be allowed to refuse treatment for abusive or violent patients?
  16. In what ways can midwives support doctors, patients and nurses? Is this profession underrated by the medical community?
  17. Should euthanasia and assisted suicide be legalized?
  18. How can nurses prevent burnout in their career?
  19. Should more nursing schools focus on on-the-job training and internships?
  20. What techniques can help major trauma units run more effectively and efficiently?
  21. Will nursing education rely on computerized or robotic simulator devices in the near future?
  22. How should patients be told about a terminal illness? Is there any way to lessen the pain or the shock?
  23. What are some of the best techniques for treating a patient in the early stages of dementia?
  24. Is there a shortage of nurses? What could cause a shortage of nurses and how could it be fixed?