How To Start A One-Page Essay: Useful Tips & Examples For College Students

An essay is an interesting form of academic writing for students, professors, and professionals. I say interesting because it is an opportunity for the writer to express his views, opinions, and concerns to his readers. You would need a great topic to begin with because this will either engage or distract the readers from the rest of your paper. The topic should be something you actually care about so that you can write about it in a motivational and inspirational tone. When you talk about your passions, it will show in your writing and the reader will find interest to read more about your paper.

One important thing you want to do in your paper is to build curiosity and not take long to do it. As you are to write a one-page paper, you should keep in mind that you have limited word count and space to write your paper. After you choose your topic to write about, you can move forward to find a hook that will build the curiosity of your readers. You can add a part of your hook in your topic and carry it to the introduction paragraph in your paper. The introduction paragraph, as the name suggests is the first paragraph in your assignment so it needs to be very well written and composed. As an example, if you want to write about the importance of past in determining your future, you can start with an assertion that our future is embedded in our past. You can give examples from the life of great nations and leaders, quote inspirational words, or start with a fact.

If you succeed in hooking your audience in your paper, you can move forward with introducing the problem you are addressing or an explanation of the topic. This should again be done in a precise manner because you do not want to take all the space with your introduction. You should write it in a proportional manner because the rest of your paper will also need to be fit in the given word limit and restriction. Try to show the significance of your problem at this stage because your reader does not only want to read your paper to be entertained. They want to know what this paper use to them is and how it will help them in understanding a newer aspect