Athens And Sparta

Athens and Sparta were in Greece. The two had some similarities and differences. Athens and Sparta are both famous in Greece history. Sparta was famous for its simplicity whereas Athens was famous for its creativity. One the map of Greece, Athens and Sparta seem close to each other, but both have differences in their styles of lives and ideologies. Athens became more civilized and grew faster following the creativity of the people. Today, Athens is the largest city in modern Greece and still the capital city. Athens and Sparta each had their traditions and beliefs. The people respected their cultural beliefs and practices. Athens has a larger population compared to Sparta. In comparing and contrasting Athens and Sparta, it is important to look at their differences and similarities.

The Similarities between Athens and Sparta

Both Athens and Sparta are in Greece and form an important part of History. That is one of the similarities between the two. Another similarity between Athens and Sparta is the presence of traditional beliefs and cultural practices. The people of both Athens and Sparta valued their traditions and had respect and belief in gods. The people of Athens and Sparta were similar in that they had worship culture to honor their gods. The other similarity for the population of Athens and Sparta is that both had the love and passion for artwork and also politics. Both Sparta and Athens had are said to have loved battle. The two were different but were always fighting for either fame or wealth.

Differences between Athens and Sparta

Athens and are said to have more differences than similarities. The two had differences in ideologies and also the ways of life. Sparta, for example, believed in itself in providing the army for Greece to win battles against rivals. The case with Athens is that believed in how they could acquire more control and power in the area. There was a difference in the nature of Athens and Sparta. Sparta took a lot of time in army training and battles and thus became militaristic. The people and government of Athens, however, remained democratic. Sparta was known for its simplicity whereas Athens was known for its creativity for example in arts and development. In Sparta, the people relied on agriculture as the major economic activity. In Athens, the people relied on trade and commercial activities. It is for these reasons that saw Athens grow faster and becoming the capital city.