Industrial Revolution

The Industrial revolution started in Great Britain in the 18th century and spread to the rest of the world. Instead of manual labor, machines were used to produce goods. As a result, many people were forced to abandon their cottage industries and seek for jobs in the manufacturing industries. Mass goods were manufactured and the many economies were expanded through trade. On the flip side, the environment was affected negatively. Indeed, industrial revolution impacted human life and economies to a great extent.

Social and Economic Impact

The first products that many manufacturers in Great Britain focused on were the textiles and iron. This was because of increased demand for them in many parts of the world increased. Though, human labor was required to run the machines, it was not possible to absorb everyone in the industries. At the same time, the traditional industries became irrelevant because of lack of demand for the end product. As a result, the unemployment rates rose and human suffering became evident. Those who worked in the industries were paid less yet expected to work for long hours. Children were also exploited in the work place as the owners of capital tried to maximize profit and minimize on costs.

As a result of industrial revolution, Great Britain and America became wealthy. The finished goods were exported to various parts of the world and more industries were set. The economies also had the power and influence to get raw materials from many nations. As a result, colonization became inevitable and possible. With access to raw materials easy and markets ready for Britain and America, the nations became powerful. They built infrastructure and improved the social aspect of their citizens. To date, the nations have continued to be on the lead economically and socially.

Link between Industrial Revolution and the Environment

Since the 18th century many industries have been established in almost every economy. Development and growth has been achieved while many jobs have been created. Nonetheless, the environment has been affected negatively. The natural resources are being exploited as people try to meet the ever-increasing demand for products. Fossil fuels have been depleted and thus very expensive. Air, land, and water pollution has also become a part of life. There is fear that generations to come may not have a chance to have social and economic well being that people enjoy today. As a result, there is emphasis on preservation or conservation of the environment. Clearly, industrial revolution impacted the world economically, socially and environmentally.