Coming Up With Interesting Essay Topics For High School

Composing an essay can be a difficult task for both student and teacher. It requires a lot of creativity, editing and drafting before finally completing an essay. In high school a student demands certain answers to the activities he is put through the day. He is more of a seeker and hence at times it becomes difficult for the teacher to find a topic which is interesting enough for the student to focus. The teacher’s have to address many issues and find out a way to keep their students motivated enough to study.

Few tips for deciding an interesting topic for high school are:

  1. Focus on current problems
  2. The students are much more interested to discuss about the current affairs of the economy especially the ones which affect them such as education sponsorship bill, VISA issues, etc.

  3. Challenge the beliefs
  4. There are a lot of common perceptions in mind of students, which if challenged can grab a lot of attention from students. This can include their perception about school management, their personal life or friends.

  5. Travelling and physical activities
  6. A lot of students like to travel, if the topics are related to travel or they need to do a survey which would help them travel then they might be much more interested in choosing it.

Few essay topics for high schools students can be:

  1. What if the school management decides to add a subject in the curriculum? Would you support it? If yes which subject would you choose? Write an essay to support your choice and persuade your batch mates to vote for it.

  2. What if all the countries have the same currency?Should dollar be a common denominator? Or should we have a new currency. Write an essay on your understanding of this topic.

  3. Should Dogs also be a part of property bill of their owners?

  4. Should there be extra classes for people who are already bright because what they are studying now is too less for them.

  5. Would e-books become a preferred mode of publication?

  6. Dating in high school should be a punishable offence.

  7. Fashion should not be promoted by parents.

  8. Internet has made students dumb.

  9. Compulsory community work should be there for every student.

  10. It is the duty of the Teacher to make a subject interesting. If they have failed that means the student is not at fault to have scored low grades.