The process of migration and permanent settlement in a new country is regarded as immigration. But, the permission for immigration is granted by the Government of the particular nation. In the United Sates, citizenship is granted to the immigrants by the democratic body of the nation. There are certain pre conceived immigration law and U.S immigration policy which decide to grant the permission for permanent settlement in US to an individual. As it is not feasible to grant citizen in a universal level, the US law and US immigration policy include certain verdicts which restrain the immigration rate. The US immigration law thereby restricts the entry of criminal, terrorist into the nation.

It is evident from various survey reports, that immigration brings with it a number of pros and cons. On one hand immigration helps in exchange of cultural beliefs, creates new job options and also helps in the growth of the country’s economy, but one the other hand, the immigration cost have exerted a negative impact of the economic state of US. Therefore, equilibrium is needed to be maintained in order to stabilize the country’s economy. Reports state that America has become the homeland for about one million immigrant population on annual basis and is also well known for the largest number of immigration globally. Considering the present recession situation, the immigration rate has declined partly, but America still holds the first position with respect to the flow of immigrants.

Considering the job market, immigrant populations have also exerted an influence over the US-based companies, whereby the immigrant population comprising of both skilled labors to highly educated professional has aided in the economic development of America. On a precise note, it may be stated that as most of the American own a school level or maximum postsecondary level of education, while the immigrants consist of both extremes of education, the nation’s economy is benefited in a variety of ways from both the types of workforce, who settled to US as immigrants.

Considering the parameters associated with economic growth of America, immigration has a considerable contribution towards this. According to the recent survey data, the labor force of this nation is comprised of more than 50% of immigrant population. Hence, in this regard it may be stated that American has achieved the maximum benefits with respect to brain gain from immigration, an aggregation of best talents from all over the globe.