How To Compose An Expository Essay About Baseball

Baseball is a largely American game and has been the prime entertainer for Americans on the field or on TV. It is too intrinsically connected with the psyche here; so much so that idioms like ‘all bases covered’ are fraught out of the game.

The various routes

While writing an expository essay on Baseball, you may take various routes. You may even explain the game itself to those who scarcely have any idea how it differs from Cricket. Perhaps a better choice is to trace the journey of prominent teams.

A perfect example

Let’s take New York Yankees into consideration. You will find many interesting facts and figures about the team which originated as early as 1903. Since then, it has charted most MLB records; winning everything worth winning in the game.

Going through leaders

You can take the readers through the brilliance of players such as Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, both of whom have had Hollywood movies made on them. The game requires enough fitness, perspicacity, clarity, strategy; speed and of course efficiency. It is a 9-inning game but is not limited by time.

Current ongoing

You can also pontificate on current captain or coach of the team and how it has been faring in recent tournaments. You may settle on the certain drawbacks and points of rigidity that may be hurting New York Yankees. The fact that they have a swanky ballpark to play their home games gives spectators a reason to cherish.

The money matter

The game itself is extremely rich and its players are paid well to delight the viewers. The commercialization has actually vitiated the strategies of young players; who prefer playing for home runs rather than sticking to strategies. This is not a problem restricted to New York Yankees; but is a general phenomenon even outside Baseball.

Struggle and rivalry

You can also recollect the struggling years between 1982 and 1995 and the famed rivalry with Boston Red Sox. Matches between these two teams are replete with a rare excitement. It almost brings the similar fervor as a World Cup soccer match between Brazil and Argentina.

A finely tuned game

The game of baseball is so finely tuned and has such junctures to excite the crowd that it is not going to lose its prominence in a hurry; especially on the American shores. God willing; it will also keep churning special players which can make us remind of Babe Ruth. The essays will keep on floating.