13 Intriguing Topics For A Personal Response Essay

A response essay is the type of paper where you simply write a response to the work of another author. It is important for such assignment to have a personal touch like your own critique and ideas for improvising because this is where you will suggest how to make the work better. You may not have heard of this type of writing until today when your teacher asked you to write one. You might wonder what you will do with your paper and how you will move forward to create a winning assignment. The best solution is to look for help on the internet or from your seniors. This will give you an idea of the style, tone and approach of the paper when you look at expert written papers and samples of work.

The topic of such an assignment is important because it will show your readers what the rest of your paper is about and also help you decide the direction for you to stay focused and determine what you want to do with your paper. Always choose such a topic for your paper that you are passionate about because that will keep you motivated and focused to write further. You will love to express your ideas about a certain topic when you are passionate about it.

One thing about picking the topic of your paper is that it should be unique. Your teacher will assign the same assignment to the entire class so you should go ahead and figure out how you will make your paper stand out. The structure and format of these assignments is the same so you need to focus on the title. The title of the paper is the idea that will make your work unique as compared to others.

If you are not sure about what should be the title of your response essay, you should consider these ideas

  1. Is street racing a sport or an addiction?
  2. Criticism or encouragement which is better in a company and why
  3. Teenage pregnancy
  4. Are books better than the internet?
  5. Global warming real or not
  6. Terrorism
  7. HRM
  8. The civil war
  9. Spiritualism
  10. Religion and oppression
  11. Politics and gender development
  12. Role of women in the society
  13. How can we control or eradicate poverty from the world