A List Of 10 Opinion Essay Topics Worth Writing About

An opinion essay is an academic paper where you should give your viewpoint about some question and prove it with good arguments. There is one feature that distinguishes this type of academic writing from other papers. You don’t always need to support your arguments with real facts. If you’re instructed to compose such a paper but don’t know what topic to select, look at the list below.

  1. Why do people attend colleges and universities?
  2. Give your opinion on this question. Try to support your arguments with good examples.

  3. Are parents the best teachers?
  4. Answer this question in your essay. You may use your parents as examples for your arguments.

  5. Do modern technologies make our lives really better?
  6. Tell what you think about this topic. Maybe, you’ll be able to find negative influences of technologies on our society.

  7. Can we learn everything from books?
  8. Agree or disagree with the statement that everything you need can be found in books. Use strong arguments and examples.

  9. What would you change about your hometown?
  10. Think carefully on your answer and present your opinion on this matter. Support your answer with good arguments.

  11. Does watching television influence behavior of people?
  12. Give your viewpoint on this topic in your essay. If there is some influence, is it positive or negative?

  13. Where would you like to live?
  14. Tell whether you’d like to live in a little town or a big city. Support your answer with some examples and arguments.

  15. Does luck play some role in achieving success?
  16. Agree or disagree with a statement that successful people are just lucky. What is more important: luck or hardworking?

  17. Why do people visit museums?
  18. Think about this question and give your answer. Try to find some arguments in support of your opinion.

  19. Do you like to eat at restaurants or at home?
  20. Answer this question in your essay and support your viewpoint with some good arguments.

These are several decent topics that you may use to compose your own paper. However, to get a high score, you should have not only a good question to answer. It’s also important to structure your text in such a way so that your readers want to read it entirely. You should use various writing techniques to attract and maintain your readers’ attention. You may also describe some opposing viewpoints and list their disadvantages. In this way, you’ll demonstrate the superiority of your own opinion.