The Fail-Safe Method To Compose A Great Essay On Global Warming

Global warming is a heavily debated topic of the generation. It is one of the biggest subjects of the argument by scientists, politicians, businessman, experts, students and the researchers. Its existence is questioned due to major climatic changes and its grave impact felt globally. The topic gathers momentum write from the school. It is sometimes provided to them in the form of group discussions and sometimes in the form of essay writing.

Before you start writing, you should pick a catchy topic like-

  • Global warming is fact or fiction
  • Global warming and its benefits
  • Cause and effect of Global Warming
  • Global Warming- A man made or natural situation?
  • The Brink of Doomsday; Global Warming- Is it true?

Check out some tips-

  • Collect information about its history as how this term came into emergence.
  • What are its possible causes?
  • What are its grave repercussions?
  • What will be the impact of Global Warming on future generations? Discuss the effects on wild life in terms of extinction of species, nature, humans, cutting of forests, pollution, melting of snow, change in weather etc.
  • How environment can be protected?
  • What should be the role of common man and the government in preventing global warming? What strict laws should be enforced?

The format of Global warming essay-

Divide your essay into three parts-

  • The introduction: No need to say that it should be a mind alluring beginning, however you should also state the objectives and main points in this section. Explain what global warming is, so that topic is well understood by the audience and they understand the gravity of the situation. Illustrate why the topic is so catchy and has become controversial. This is the time you should also bring to notice the strong points you will be hitting in the later part. After you have set the tone, nobody can prevent you from creating a benchmark.
  • Body: Illustrate all your points precisely, speaking about the facts. This is the time where you should use quotations and illustrate the facts and support your claims. Your each paragraph should be unique and should come up with something new. Look like an expert and teach global warming at length. Use the content that you have collected after research and validate your points. Quotations of the researchers, journals, scientists and textbooks will make your composition further bright and intense.
  • The conclusion: This is the time where you will reveal your own personal viewpoints. Tie up your writing in shortest possible way offering the gist in non-repetitive words and make it a bombarding package.