Sex And Violence On Television And Film

Scenes of sex and violence are common episodes in the media. In a society where children and young adults spend a lot of time watching TV and movies, the frequency and intensity of sexual and violent occurrences is a concern. Sexual and violence content on all media is on the rise. The following paper aims at discussing the adverse effects of extreme exposure to sexual and violent media content.

Watching television for kids and young adults is a favorite activity. Television is an important factor in shaping the behaviors of these people. Most video games are also violent and arguably influence the growth and development of kids in how they relate to sexual and violent situations in real life.

In healthy proportions, sexual and violent content is essential in television and movies to help in the normal development of kids and even adults. Violence provides for a satisfaction within the viewer, especially in a film or program where good triumphs over evil through violence. A couple watching a movie with healthy measures of sexual content, for example, will also derive some affection and longing for each other. In this way, sex and violence act positively to influence emotions and behavior.

Too much sexual and violent content is not healthy for kids and adults as it leads to quick addictions to harmful vices. There is the need to regulate the amount of such content. Young adults do not always understand the difference between fiction and reality. Whatever they watch on television and movies could easily shape their behavior and general attitudes in real life. Eventually, violence in media content could cause aggression, fear, desensitization, and anti-social characteristics in their behaviors. A lot of sexual content exposure to children and even adults may result in irresponsible sexual activities and negatively influence the male-female relationships.

In conclusion, the government should restrict the consumption of extreme sexual and violent scenes on television and movies. Parents and guardians should also directly monitor what children watch. A limit to the time that the children should spend on movies and television should also be a consideration. Helping children understand rated television programs and movies is important for them to develop a realistic approach to the roles of sex and violence in the society. Media in itself cannot be restricted, but adult consumers should exercise self-control to protect themselves and children from the harmful effects of unhealthy media content.