15 Outstanding Descriptive Essay Topics For 4th Graders

Of all the papers that students can be asked to write from time to time, the descriptive essays are normally considered some of the easiest so far. The main reason for this is because in most cases these essays require you to write about something that you know too well. The following are some good ideas that will help you come up with a good paper:

  1. Describe your experience in a waiting room in a hospital

  2. Write a paper about a game that you love

  3. Explain how a cell phone works, to an 80 year old

  4. Discuss some reasons why you must always keep treasured belongings safe

  5. Explain how a laptop works, and compare it with a tablet PC

  6. Describe your favorite restaurant to a visitor in town

  7. Provide a vivid description of what you would consider to be your ideal dream house

  8. Discuss some of the features that you would expect of your roommate

  9. Describe a place that you once visited when you were a child

  10. Imagine that you are meeting your childhood hero. Describe how you would prepare for this occasion

  11. If your favorite musician is performing in town and you have been granted full access to the backstage, describe how you would feel, considering that you will also get a personal interview with them

  12. Imagine that you are a teacher and you are moving to a new school, describe what you would hope to find in the new class that you will be teaching, with an emphasis on the attitude of the students

  13. Describe vividly memories of a neighborhood that you once lived in or one that you have fond memories of.

  14. Describe the process you would go through to find your lost pet from the moment you realize that the pet is lost

  15. Imagine that your parent has asked you to go window shopping and select a washing machine that you will later purchase. Describe some of the features that you will be looking for, and highlight the factors that you would consider in making a choice.

Descriptive essays as we have seen are all about being imaginative when writing, and being creative. You can actually learn to improve on your major writing skills through descriptive writing. Some of the skills that you learn here will be effective in advanced learning stages in life.