5 Helpful Hints On How To Write A Character Profile Essay

Character profile essays are aimed at discussing the various features of a person, from their own personal traits to their environment and background, and showing how and why these particular aspects of the person can influence their behavior. There are many variables involved in human behavioral patterns and each of these can usually be broken into different groups. Here are some helpful points to consider when writing a character profile essay:

  1. Geographical location
  2. The location at which an individual spends most of their time plays a key role in defining how they act and their habits. For example, a boy that grew up on a farm may harbor no scorn for a pile of horse poop, while someone from the suburbs may find that image repulsive. This is true for many other aspects of human behavior, another example is the way people from one country perceive people of countries that have very different cultural practices.

  3. Socioeconomic status
  4. The amount of money a person has under their control plays a vital role in defining how they act in society. A man of limited means cannot drive a fancy car or own a large house, or even have much free time to do many of the activities a person of less limited means can. For this reason, people of different economic statuses live very different lives and so they engage in strikingly different behavioral practices.

  5. Age
  6. The age f a person is probably one of the most obvious defining factors of their conduct. For example, when there are elderly people around, you can be certain to receive disapproval for hip, modern music. It is also true that older folks simply can’t perform physicals feats as well as young people do so they will not be busily walking down the street, or running any races.

  7. Gender
  8. Many may argue that this is an irrelevant point to consider when discussing the behavior of individuals but I believe that it is still relevant. For example, females tend to be very particular and also, proud, of their ability to have babies and they are unlikely to withhold showing pride because of this fact.

  9. Family situation
  10. A person’s family situation is likely to be a very strong influence on their behavior, many times altering it from the routine, creating entirely new personalities. For example, a young couple may have been carefree and fun loving until they have an unexpected child and realize they must now acquire jobs.