How To Come Up With Winning Narrative Essay Topic Ideas For College

College students need to brush up their skills by trying different types of essays and other write-ups. This is especially in connection with narrative pieces. They require eminent topics to work on to get conversant with the idea.

  • Simple or complicated
  • You need to think of those topics which bring about the activities of life. It may be as simple as a rainy day and as difficult as the planning of a research paper. The topic just needs to be stimulating so you can bring in all your resources to the fore.

  • Deep or shallow
  • Choosing and finding winning topics can be done by looking around or even into the near occurrences in your life. You may go deep into history or just channel the instances of a year or month ago. This depends on your capacity to introspect.

  • No bias please
  • You may find it hard to write a crisp and charismatic piece since you may be badly in love with some of your habits. This precludes the chance to be objective and unprejudiced. While writing pieces, you cannot afford to have predilections.

  • The moving bit
  • You may also take the examples or ideas from relevant sites. This is just to put you on the right path. It is always better to think of topics that move you rather than scour topics that move others.

  • Emergence of emphasis
  • You should think of the emphatic points of your life; those that you think are your cornerstones; your signature statements. Any topic which brings then to the canvas is worth gloating and being fascinated about.

  • Be fair
  • You should plan the sequential progression of the write-up in a refined way. You should be fair to the crux; mentioning your strength as well as weakness in the same breath. Meanwhile, here are 10 winning narrative essay topics for your convenience –

    1. How did I get out of my self-created shell after failing the examinations?
    2. The day I spent in lock-up; my first brush with law
    3. How I managed to make my first million
    4. What will I do if I suddenly found I have amazing powers of divination
    5. How did I crack the MBA exams?
    6. How I became popular with the mass; my route to becoming a minister
    7. My first day in a large-size enterprise
    8. What my friend means for me; in heaven and hell
    9. The first week after my shattering breakup with my only love
    10. I and my alter-ego