Where To Look For Essay Examples: Some Helpful Sources

Most students can read but only a few ones can write with merit. The ink in your pen requires a certain affluence of your heart to leave abiding impressions on the paper. This happens with a novel, a dissertation; a thesis and even an essay.

Getting out of the alley

While writing essays, if you find yourself in dark alleys, you can always seek assistance from past works of excellence. Mind you; this is only for general direction; not to make someone else’s child your bunny.

Here is where you can look out for credible essay samples –

  • Essay sites – These sites keep certain pieces as samples on their landing pages. You can take a good look at the method and resource and how the perspective is brought forward. Interestingly, things become easy when you see an analogy somewhere.

  • Journals – You may find exceptional pieces of substance in journals; these are eye-openers and cover the topical theme you are involved in with glee. You may subscribe to relevant journals or go regularly through the newspaper editorials to get the essence.

  • College archives – You will get enough food for though in the college archives if you care to look ardently. You can sneak into the proper categories and glean out pieces which interest you.

  • School magazines – The magazines have this habit of publishing sharp and smart essays on their glazed pages. Here, you encounter proofread pieces of rare merit and bite. For furtherance, you should accumulate a number of magazines and then take a tour.

  • Elegant blogs – It is true that blogs generally publish articles but with some contraption and acuity, you can easily transform them into essays. You need to anyway take the nuggets from therein; not exactly pull out the piece lock, sink and barrel.

  • Travelogues – Travelogues by great writers are often replete with relevant pieces. You will find narrations, reflections and persuasions by the by. Yes, you have to be a selected reader to identify the chaff from the grain. For instance, books by V S Naipaul offer essential insight into the life in the Caribbean.

Help at the turn

Help awaits you at the next corner; almost without exception. It is just that you may not identify the indications and deviate to a different route altogether. You should hone the art of picking influence from here and there; and for that, the first thing necessary is an observant eye. You are after all a visual animal.