How To Write A Persuasive Essay For Middle School About Quitting Smoking

Now although this sounds pretty silly, you have to be persuasive when you write a persuasive essay. You have to convince the reader that your point of view is correct. How you do that is explained in more detail in this article. But remember that we are talking about a middle school student who will be in their early to mid-teens and is the prime candidate for starting a particular form of behaviour we call smoking.

Now the world of smoking has changed dramatically in recent generations. Where once upon a time it was freely promoted on many media platforms and people smoked almost anywhere, today there are strict bans on tobacco promotion and many public places where smoking is banned altogether.

It helps if you're a believer

If you are writing a persuasive essay it really helps if you genuinely believe in the proposition you are putting forward. In this case the topic is about quitting smoking so the assumption is that you are writing about people who have already started to smoke.

The thing which will make your essay far more acceptable and help you get a much higher score is the factual information you are able to produce. Fortunately there is a vast amount of resource material available and particularly online which you can access in order to substantiate your persuasive essay.

The main criterion is your position. What do you believe? Remember you have to persuade the reader to your opinion or point of view. If you don’t really care about quitting smoking being important, your writing may reflect this attitude and of course you will be less persuasive. Less persuasive leads to a lower mark for your writing. You are being asked to talk about ways of giving up smoking. The assumption being that smoking is a bad habit with serious potential for health risks and this will of course guide your thinking and your writing.

  • What are the physical activities available to help people give up smoking?
  • What studies have been made on the effectiveness of these activities?
  • How important is it to quit smoking at a young age?
  • What studies have been made on people who quit and then return to smoking?

By doing your research you give yourself the ammunition to fire the shots in the writing of your persuasive essay. The better your research and notetaking, the better the impact of your persuasive essay.