A Practical Tutorial On How To Write An Argumentative Essay On Nuclear Weapons

If you’ve been set this essay, you may be wondering where on earth to begin on writing about nuclear weapons. Indeed, you might be freaking out that you don’t even know what an argumentative essay is! Well, have no fear, for there is always help to be had!

This type of paper is one of the few where you are being asked to make a persuasive argument for or against a topic; in this case, that of nuclear weapons.


First thing’s first- research! Just because you get to have a strong opinion, it doesn’t mean research isn’t as important as any other paper. You must show that you have a reasonable argument in your position, and therefore you need to know what differing opinions exist on the subject and how your own thoughts either concur or disagree with established view points.


Once you have collated numerous sources, and made notes, you should make a list of all the pros and cons. At this stage, you may want to hone down to a particular topic- such as: should the United Kingdom abolish their nuclear weapons? Once you have a clear focus in mind, you will be able to decide on what details you want to include.

Create a rough structure. Think about what you want to include in the introduction, chapters and conclusion.


The introduction is always best written last. This way, you’ll know exactly what you have put in your assignment, so it will be easier to detail concisely the points you need to make the reader aware of. An introduction should introduce the broad topic, narrow it down to the specific argument at hand and then outline the forthcoming paper and what the reader can expect.


In your chapters, make sure that you are containing a well reasoned, unbiased argument- you need to be able to back up any opinions you have yourself, showing who agrees with them and why, as well as who opposes the position and the reasons for that stance.


A conclusion should restate the initial argument and any conclusions that have arisen during the text body before stating your own conclusion to the evidence and opinions presented.


Write a first draft and then read it through again, making any relevant changes as you do so. Then read it through again and again! The best way of creating a really good essay is to simply polish it as much as you possibly can!