Global Crime Issues

In the last 15 years the level of global crimes has been on the rise while still adapting new different conditions. The level of crimes has gone so high that the counter measures that are put in place are no longer effective. The major types of global crimes include illicit trafficking of people, firearms, drugs and natural resources. These crimes have been facilitated by the presence of the highly organized and strong criminal groups and networks in different countries. The scope and the spread of this illicit trade are growing in every passing day and its effect in the near future is unprecedented. However, one thing is very clear; it affects the development and growth of any country. Very few countries if any can lack these organized criminal groups.

Effects of crimes

Most of these illicit trades have very high profit margins. For example drug trafficking has an estimated profit of around 322 billion dollars in every year. These vast profits make the criminal groups involved very powerful. They undermine the state governments and seem to control everything due to the influence of money. So as to gain some protection they influence elections and fund campaigns for their preferred candidates and at times go to an extent of compromising the elections for their candidates to win. They indulge in a lot of corruption deals so as to continue practicing their illicit trades. All these activities in general have a great effect on the legitimate economy of the different states. It also has a great effect on the quality of lives and the livelihoods of the citizens. Women and children are the worst hit as these criminals use their criminal and money influence to get what they want. Women are raped and sexually harassed but they cannot report as these criminals are very well connected and got a lot of influence.

Measures against controlled crime

The effect of these criminal groups has been so much on the social-economy, development and the political stability of the affected states. International conventions have been formed so as to fight the thriving of these organized crimes in unison. It is the only way through which this fight can be won as these groups are interconnected and offer protection to each other. Conventions that have been formed include the UN Convention against Transitional Organized Crime (UNTOC) and the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). It is clear that security cannot be enjoyed without development and that there cannot be any development without security. States thus have to come up together and fight the organized criminal groups.