10 Great Persuasive Topics On Smoking In Public

Smoking in public and the harms of it is a great persuasive topic for an essay. However, it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down exactly what you would like to focus on. From health effects to the overall atmosphere of smoking, it is important to understand and research your topic firsthand. If you are looking for something special, here are ten great topics to think about when writing your argumentative paper.

  • How Harmful Is Secondhand Smoke?
  • This topic is simple: describe the harmful effects of secondhand smoke. This will allow your reader to understand why you should not conduct this activity in public.

  • Laws Against Smoking in Public
  • This topic describes the laws that were enacted to stop it. You can examine the country as a whole or even go through state by state. This will aid in your reader knowing the harmful effects and why it is illegal in some places.

  • Health Effects of Smoking
  • This topic is also simple and allows you to describe the overall health effects of smoking on the smoker. This allows you to demonstrate the harm of it.

  • The Effects of Smoking on the Atmosphere
  • This topic engages the reader in a discussion about how smoke affects the atmosphere around you and others. It can demonstrate the health consequences and also the environmental consequences.

  • Litter and Smoking
  • When it comes to public places, litter is important to avoid. Smoking causes littering including cigarette butts and ash. This can affect the public place in a negative way. Therefore, this topic is very argumentative.

  • Smoking and The Restaurant
  • This topic focuses on the negative effects on the restaurant including the atmosphere. It allows the reader to think about the cleanliness of the place as well as their food.

  • Secondhand Smoke and Children
  • This topic can talk about the effects of smoking near children in public places including educational institutions and restaurants.

  • Cancer and Public Smoking
  • This topic uses a health concern to pose an important fact about smoking in public and secondhand smoke. It is very argumentative and represents a huge health concern.

  • Cigarette Smoking in Public vs. Vapor
  • Is either one of them better than the other? Which one has worse health concerns or effects? Do both pose difficult issues in public? This is a great argumentative topic that uses two different concerns.

  • Why to Ban Smoking in Public
  • With this topic, you can use all of your concerns in one paper. This will allow you to demonstrate why people should not be allowed to do this act.

All of these topics and more are out there to use. Be creative and see what you can find regarding smoking.