24 Winning Argumentative Essay Topics On Law

Strong argumentative essays on law are written with some relevant evidences to make it a supportive one. It is presented in such a way that it convinces the audience with the arguments of a particular topic. Through this essay on law, you can provide the reader a thorough analysis of a particular subject with the help of the evidences.

By covering all the parts of it, you can persuade the reader to agree with you point of view. But you have to present it in a presentable way so that your viewpoints can convince the readers and can claim it as a winning essay.

While preparing your winning argumentative essay, at first you should understand the purpose of your writing. It is very important to have an idea about the main objective of the topic which you are about to work. Secondly, you should maintain a proper methodology of writing it. Use required process to write your essay.

Thirdly, you should have the idea of the desired outcome of your writing. So for that, you should pre-plan the whole thing on the topic beforehand. Fourth and lastly, test your arguments with somebody to check it whether it has some good convincing points or not.

Here are some winning argumentative essay topics on law:

  1. What should be the proper age for marriage?
  2. Why the legal age of drinking should get lowered?
  3. What is the role of prisons?
  4. The death penalty is effective or not?
  5. Is the process of electoral vote fair?
  6. Does our taxation system is fair or not?
  7. Why the curfews keep the young generation out of trouble?
  8. Does the law enforcement cameras are a threat to privacy?
  9. What should be the legal age to enter into the cyber world for the young generation?
  10. Advertisements are not the legal agreements. Is it true?
  11. What are the rules on violence against women?
  12. What are the legal systems for immigration and refugee?
  13. Write about the anti- terrorism rules.
  14. What is the role of science in the courts in case forensic investigation?
  15. Write about the criminal justice act for the youths.
  16. What is the role of United Nations in World peace?
  17. Compare individual liberties with public safety.
  18. What is feminist jurisprudence?
  19. Write about the legalities related to environment.
  20. Is our jury system works fair in every case?
  21. Write about the rules related to the internet.
  22. What is the capital punishment for a rapist?
  23. Compare victim's rights and offenders' rights.
  24. Write about the diplomatic immunity.