Kashmir Design


Kashmir is a pivotal part of the world through which knowledge, ancient products categories as well as wealth passed to the rest of the world. In among of all things, Kashmir is famous for its woven textiles products and this is because of the Kashmir design for clothing. In different forms of clothing, Kashmiri shawls such as kanikar is very famous Kashmir designs that are pompous simulations of natural surroundings.


Kashmir design or Kashmiri embroidery has constantly captivated people. Aside from the touring, Kashmir attracts the majority of the visitors towards boutiques and shops dealing with handmade things. In a boutique, the Kashmiri extravagant design stands out of all other designs. This is the reason they become a foremost demand in the tourists’ shopping list. Thought to be the national art of the state, one can without much of a stretch find that an expansive area of customary Kashmiri laborers committed to the craft of rug making through eras.

If we discuss the history of Kashmir design then it originates from the ancient times of Zoroastrianism and it is the expression of the love, religion. All the designs in the textile field become a decorative element that is widely like and utilized in not only architecture but in a combination with western design elements too (Bye). The Kashmir design patterns are also in high demand in south, Iran and central Asian countries. People use such embroidery is gold or silver threads for gifts or wedding occasions. The Kashmir design is not limited to clothing sector but also found in tablecloths, curtains, paintings, jewelry, landscaping, carpets, frescoes, quilts and in various sports items.

Paisley or Paisley pattern is a word which is used for the cultural motifs of Persian, Kashmiri or Indian origins. Kashmir designs in clothing are very prevalent in the Western countries. Among many designs some are representing the Mughal culture of India that you can highly see in the Kashmiri shawls. Such different types of Kashmir design patters are also known as Persian pickles that are highly in demand in American cultures as well as in Welsh textiles.


What makes the Kashmir design more appealing is that they are designed on different categories of textile like on woven or wool which can be simply precast into cardigans or shawls. Such woven or wool garments that comprise of Kashmir designs are popular all over the world to purchase them.