List Of 15 Persuasive Essay Topics About Junk Food And Its Effects

A persuasive essay is exactly what it says. It is supposed to persuade you to agree with the author on whatever topic they are writing about. The writer is supposed to create an argument that you can’t disagree with by the way it is composed. Not only does the writer have to give reasons why you should agree with him like in an argumentative essay, he also has to set criteria which you can judge the subject. After he sets the criteria for the subject, he must prove that his choice meets the criteria outlined in his essay.

As with any essay, the first thing you must do is decide on what topic you want to write about. In a persuasive essay, it is best to write about something you are informed about. It is also best to write about something you are passionate about and truly believe. This will make your argument much more meaningful and believable. Here is a list of 15 persuasive essay topics about junk food and its effects:

  1. Sugar can cause hyperactivity in children.
  2. Should there be an age restriction on junk food?
  3. Should junk food come with health warning labels?
  4. Should parents be liable for not feeding their children healthy food?
  5. Should vending machines have junk food in schools?
  6. Should we allow professional athletes to be in commercials promoting junk food?
  7. Should junk food be more expensive than healthy food?
  8. Are sugar-free products better than the sugary alternatives?
  9. Should the government step in to make healthy food cheaper?
  10. Should commercials promoting junk food and junk food restaurants be banned from television?
  11. Should there be just as many healthy alternatives offered at fast food restaurants as junk food?
  12. Should there be federal funding for restaurants that promote healthy fast food?
  13. Should there be healthy fast food vending machines in the same places as other vending machines?
  14. Are sugar substitutes safe?
  15. Should we stop parents from bringing in sugary sweets for their child’s birthday at school?

Once you have chosen your topic, you then have to set up at least 4 criteria that the subject has to meet. Then you need give specific examples why your choice meets the criteria you have outlined. The object is to make an indisputable argument that you are right and you expect your audience to agree with you because of your argument.