A Guide For Writing An Essay About The Culture Of Malaysia

If you have been assigned homework to write about Malaysia, there are many directions you could take your studies. Since Malaysia is as multiracial country, there are different kinds of people coming together. With over 23 million people, 61 percent are Malays, with 30 percent Chinese, 8 percent from India, and the last 1 percent of other minor groups. People who live here know there are many international achievements that make them proud of their country.

Doing research for a paper on Malaysia

When you are doing your research, you should keep in mind what your teacher wants you to write about. If you have a specific topic that was chosen for you, then make sure to follow that, but if you are free to write about anything, here are a few ideas you can start from:

  • Malaysia’s unique “open house” where during any religious holiday, people of any other religion can come visit the homes of people who are celebrating to join in with feasts and wish well to the families
  • Civil peace in Malaysia: the country has no natural disasters such as earthquakes, and can be a safe haven for Iraqis and Pakistanis
  • Talk about scientific advancement in Malaysia, related to their undiscovered plants and many islands

After you know what you want to write about, it’s a matter of putting that to work. Make sure you start writing early on, so you have plenty of time before your deadline to get it right. Often, good students will rush through a first draft and then spend more time on editing because that’s what really makes good writing. No matter how much time you spend on it, your first draft will be subpar in some way, and require going over at least a second time. If you keep the essay’s purpose in your thoughts while writing, you will be closer to a final draft, and may even write a pretty clean first draft, but it will still need proofreading for errors.

Sometimes working together with a friend can really help. You can verbally brainstorm ideas, read and edit each other’s work, and keep each other motivated. Just remember to focus on the work, instead of hanging out or letting distractions get in the way. In this case, it’s good to pick a studious friend over a friend who likes partying.